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Listing IDSizeModelDeck TypeSumming SystemLocationProduct Link
Listing IDSizeModelDeck TypeSumming SystemLocationProduct Link
115-SD35-M 35 x 11 Howe Scale Steel Deck Mechanical Oklahoma Used Truck Scale for Sale - 35'x10' Howe Mechanical 
124-CD6010-MP 60' x 10' Fairbanks Pit Type Concrete Mechanical Gonzales, TX Used 60'x10' Fairbanks Pit-Type Truck Scale 
128-SD7010-H 70' x 10' Emery-Winslow Steel Hydraulic-Electronic Biloxi, MS area Used 70'x10' Hydraulic Steel Deck Truck Scale 
131-SD3510 35' X 10' Fairbanks TITAN Series Checkered Steel Plate Electronic - Intologix Allentown, PA area NEW 35'x10' Fairbanks TITAN Truck Scale 
132-SD7010 70' x 10' Fairbanks TALON Series Steel Electronic - Intologix Binghamton, NY area NEW 70'x10' Fairbanks Steel Deck Truck Scale 
133-SD7010-P 70' x 10' RLWS ATV Series Steel Electronic Edison, NJ area NEW 70'x10' Portable Truck Scale 
137-SD2411 24' x 11' Weightronix Bridgemont Steel Electronic Phoenix, AZ area Used 24'x11' Weightronix Steel Deck Truck Scale 
139-SD3511-P 35' X 11' Sidewinder 3540LPS Steel Electronic Phoenix, AZ FACTORY NEW 35'x11' Portable Truck Scale 
140-SD7011 70' X 11' Sidewinder 7070LPS Steel Electronic Phoenix, AZ FACTORY NEW 70'x11' Steel Deck Truck Scale 
150 12'x24' Mettler Toledo 7260 Steel Deck Electronic Illinois Used Railroad Track Scale for Sale - Mettler Toledo Single-Double 12' 24'  
147 70' x 10' Thurman SAM 8130 Concrete Mechanical - Electronic Load Cell Illinois Area Used Truck Scale For Sale - 70x10 Thurman Concrete Deck 
1917 70' x 10' Fairbanks Concrete Electronic Ohio area Used Truck Scale for Sale - 70x10 Fairbanks Ohio area 
151-812 60' x 10' Fairbanks Rodan Series Steel Electronic Load Cells Florida USED TRUCK SCALE FOR SALE IN FLORIDA - Fairbanks 60'x10' steel deck 
152-904 70' x 10' Toledo Digitol Concrete Multi-Deck Electronic Digitol Georgia USED TRUCK SCALE FOR SALE - 70'x10' Toledo Multi-deck 
154-1112 60' x 10' Cardinal 6060PRC Steel Electronic New Athens, IL Used Truck Scale for Sale - 60x10 Cardinal Low Profile Truck Scale 
156-1114 70' x 10' RLWS OTR Series Steel Electronic Utah NEW Truck Scale for Sale - 70'x10' RLWS 
142-CD4010 40' x 10' Crusher Series Concrete Electronic Montana 40' x 10' NEW Factory Direct Concrete Deck Truck Scale 
141-CD7010 70' x 10' Crusher Series Concrete Electronic Montana 70'x10' NEW Factory Direct Truck Scale 
157-1127 70' X 11' CARDINAL EPR-LF Steel Electronic Texarkana, TX USED 70'X11' PORTABLE CARDINAL TRUCK SCALE - ONE YEAR OLD 
158-1127 70' x 11' Cardinal EPR-LF Steel Electronic Joplin, MO LIKE NEW CARDINAL PORTABLE TRUCK SCALE  
159-1129 74' x 11' Toledo TruckMate Digitol Concrete Electronic Digitol Salina, KS Used Toledo Multi-Platform Truck Scale for Sale 
160-1130 Multi Platform 70'x12' Emery HyWeigh H40Ag Custom Ready for Concrete Hydraulic/electronic Terre Haute, IN NEW Emery Hydrostatic Multi-Platform Truck Scale for Sale 
161-1212 24' x 9' Fairbanks Concrete Electronic Illinois Used Fairbanks Truck Scale for Sale 24'x9' 
162-1218 72' x 10' B-Tek Steel Analog Electronic Phoenix, AZ 72'x10' NEW Steel Deck Truck Scale for Sale - Immediate Delivery 
163-1219 70' x 11' Toledo 7562 Steel Electronic Michigan 70'x11' Used Truck Scale & Scalehouse for Sale 
164-0103 60' x 10' Howe Richardson Steel Plate Mechanical with Digital Conversion Kit Quincy, CA Used Truck Scale for Sale - 60x10 Howe Steel Deck 
166-0108 60' x 10' Toledo Bridgemaster Concrete Electronic Illinois Used 60'x10' Toledo Bridgemaster Pit-Type Truck Scale for Sale 
168-0128 70' x 10' Weigh-Tronix FCTX Concrete Electronic Vicksburg, MS Used 70x10 Weightronix Concrete Deck Truck Scale 
167-0125 70' X 11' CARDINAL 13570-EPR-C CONCRETE Electronic Arroyo Grande, CA NEW Cardinal 70x11 Concrete Deck Truck Scale 
169-0129 Two-Draft WeighLine WLS-TD-115RE 115 Rail Electronic Ocala, FL Used WeighLine Rail Scale System 
170-0131 70' x 11' WeighTronix Bridgemont Steel Electronic Edinburg, VA 70x11 Never Installed WeighTronix Truck Scale 
171-0206 60' x 10' Durline PVST-60604 Steel Electro-Mechanical Chicago, IL Used 60'x10' Portable Truck Scale for Sale 
173-0208 70' x 11' Powell 1075E-T11-S Steel Electronic Shamokin Dam, PA Used 70'x11' Powell Steel deck Truck Scale for Sale 
174-0228 60' x 10' Sooner Flat Top Steel Electronic Load Cell Ft Myers, FL Used 60'x10' Steel Deck Truck Scale for Sale 
Showing 34 items